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Emotion Wheels

A great way to boost your emotional intelligence is by using emotion wheels. Emotion wheels, or "feeling wheels," are visual tools that can be used to help people identify their feelings during an emotion-eliciting event. They are designed for individuals who struggle with naming and understanding emotions and can be a useful for anyone looking to increase their emotional awareness.
























Here's how they work:


Choose an Emotion Wheel

There are a bunch of different emotion wheels to choose from online. Search through Pinterest or do a quick google search to find an emotion wheel that's appealing to you! 


Identify the Core Emotion

Start by identifying the core emotion you are feeling. This will be located in the center of the wheel. 


Explore the Surrounding Emotions

Move outward from the core emotion to the surrounding circles. Look through these outer emotions to find a more specific variation of your core feeling.


Reflect and Label

Take your time to reflect on your emotions and see what resonates with how you are feeling. Use the emotion wheel as a guide accurately labeling emotions as they present themselves.


Verbalize your Emotions

Once you've identified the emotions that match your feelings, try to put them into words. Verbalize your emotions to your to help you process and understand them better. 


Practice Self-Awareness

Regularly use your emotion wheel to enhance your self awareness and emotional intelligence. Familiarize yourself with a broad range of emotions and their associations.


Validate your Emotions

Remember that all emotions are valid and serve a purpose. Avoid judging or dismissing your feelings based on societal expectations or personal beliefs. 

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Share with Others

Emotion can be helpful in interpersonal communication, as well. If you find it challenging to express your emotions to others, you can use the wheel to communicate how you feel more precisely. 

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