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Undercontrolled Personalities

When your emotions control you...

Individuals with an undercontrolled personality may display a range of behaviors, such as risk-taking, sensation-seeking, and acting on immediate desires or impulses. They may have difficulty adhering to rules and norms, leading to a tendency to engage in rule-breaking or rebellious behaviors. Such individuals may be prone to acting on their emotions without considering the impact on themselves or others.

People with an undercontrolled personality often struggle with emotional regulation, experiencing intense and fluctuating emotions that can be challenging to manage. They may have difficulty controlling their anger, frustration, or excitement, leading to impulsive outbursts or reckless behaviors. Additionally, they may have difficulty maintaining focus and attention, which can affect their ability to complete tasks or follow through on commitments.

Individuals with an undercontrolled personality may also seek out novel and stimulating experiences, often craving excitement and a sense of thrill. This inclination can lead them to engage in activities with inherent risks or engage in substance abuse as a means of seeking stimulation.

While an undercontrolled personality can have its drawbacks, such as impulsive decision-making and difficulty maintaining stability, individuals with these traits may also possess qualities such as spontaneity, creativity, and a zest for life. With appropriate support and guidance, they can learn strategies to enhance self-regulation, develop healthier coping mechanisms, and channel their impulsivity and energy into constructive outlets.

Understanding and addressing the underlying factors contributing to an undercontrolled personality can be crucial in helping individuals lead more balanced and fulfilling lives, fostering personal growth, and improving their overall well-being.

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Listed below are just a few conditions that are commonly associated with undercontrolled personality types.

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Best Treatments

Listed below are some of the best, evidence-based therapeutic treatments for disorders of undercontrol and mental health conditions related to maladaptive undercontrol. 

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