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Overcontrolled Personalities

When self-restraint is a bad thing...

People with an overcontrolled personality tend to be risk-averse, preferring to stay within their comfort zones and avoid situations that might lead to uncertainty or emotional upheaval. They often have difficulty expressing their emotions openly, and may struggle with self-assertion or making decisions independently. They have a strong desire to avoid mistakes or failure, and can be self-critical and perfectionistic.

Due to their high level of self-control, individuals with an overcontrolled personality may appear reserved, introverted, or even distant. They may struggle with spontaneity and have difficulty adapting to changes or unexpected circumstances. Their cautious nature can make them diligent planners, but it may also inhibit their ability to take risks or explore new opportunities.


While having an overcontrolled personality can have its advantages, such as being dependable and responsible, it may also pose challenges in forming close relationships or embracing novel experiences. Individuals with an overcontrolled personality may benefit from learning to balance their need for control with the ability to be flexible, open-minded, and more comfortable with uncertainty.

Related Mental Health Conditions

Listed below are just a few conditions that are commonly associated with overcontrolled personality types.

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Best Treatments

Listed below are some of the best, evidence-based therapeutic treatments for disorders of overcontrol and mental health conditions related to maladaptive overcontrol. 

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